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New Illuminate Leadership Creating Profitable Leader-preneurial Training Hub Empires

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Now more than ever, online education is required for skilling-up in the most effective and efficient ways. Developing online training hubs with publications, e-courses, digital products, virtual events and more is one of the best ways for leaders to show up as expert-preneurs. This allows leaders to serve at the highest levels, deliver tremendous value to make an impact and income leveraging their time and talents.

You can create a high-level expert status in your online presence by leveling up your profitable leadership approach with providing several formats of educational training hubs to provide a cornucopia of offerings. Learn how simplistic writing, content creation and mini-format publishing and blogging can be the gateway to new possibilities. 

The Create Profitable Leader-preneurial Training Hub Empires Experience provides a virtual mastermind event and cohort training group for developing online educational training hubs in several formats and so much more.

We Will Explore & Learn About Training Hub Variations That Include -

  • Funnel System Training Hubs: Introduce a concept with a few free trainings in video or blog series formats, lower hanging fruit offers such as publications or digital products that lead-into a high-end endeavor like a VIP Day, another platform or to a main website with more signature offerings.
  • Corporate Brand Training Hubs: Provides a company style training organization under an umbrella brand name of a solo-entrepreneur but features other expert trainers. 
  • Personal Brand/Solo-Professional Core Focus Training Hub: This is a platform that features primary trainings and companion offerings only from the personal/professional solo-brand with a few contributions from other experts. 
  • Twin/Platform Reface Training Hubs: Platforms with the same concept and trainings just marketed under different names for target market attraction. One platform can focus on a signature offering while the other focuses on a secondary option. However, both still offer the same content. 
  • Social Media Platform Training Hubs: Leveraging a Facebook Group, YouTube or LinkedIn. You can create courses for Facebook groups, LinkedIn Articles Training Hub & YouTube Promo Teasers Training Hubs, Media Tour Training Hubs or Training Hub Empire.
  • - and more -

This experience is provided by Cross-Functional Celebrity-preneur & New Era Profitable Leader-preneur Authority, I AM "THEE" AliNICOLE WOW! 

She is a highly sought out mastermind facilitator who has over fifty multilevel mastermind formats and she is passionate about helping leader-preneurs build profitable training hub empires to express their unique WOW! Factor in the marketplace and world at large. 

If you would like to learn more about upcoming masterminds endeavors, email

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