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There is no doubt that every business leader is focused on creating a high levels of profitability. Without profits no business can survive to serve the needs of their customers, pay their staff and suppliers and invest in their staff. Without profits developments and ongoing growth withers and the company fails.


Many leaders consider their profits exclusively in terms of the company bank balance and in doing so are fundamentally missing out on the 'Conscious Profits' which are available to profitable enlightened leaders.

Let me explain

Those leaders who focus only on the financial profitability of their company may see a short term rise in their bottom line but it will have been achieved at great cost to the people involved and is completely unsustainable in the medium to long term. Lack of staff engagement, motivation and creativity, high levels of stress, burnout, anxiety, conflict and drama, depression, poor professional relationships, absenteeism and presenteism and difficulty in retaining the most able staff are just some of the costs which are directly associated with this approach.

Leaders who focus on creating profits 'consciously' in an enlightened way reap the huge benefits such an approach offers. Engaging in a holistic approach to business means truly valuing the staff, the customers, the environment and their profits. Everyone benefits from this approach. Staff feel valued, fully engaged and enthusiastic. They want to contribute to achieving success for the business. They are committed to the business 'WHY' they have shared values and can therefore feel proud of their work and the company. They are ready to work together to create a positive impact in company and the world.

Creating and maintaining a consciously profitable business in the 'new normal' requires a very different sort of leader.

A leader who has:

  • A growing awareness of the global shift of consciousness, a sense that things need to change and that they want to be part of that change for themselves and others
  • A willingness to go within, to observe and reflect in a very different way. To be objective without being judgemental. A recognition that to lead others consciously and effectively, they must first lead themselves, that leading with integrity and authenticity requires them to identify the gap between how they are operating now and how they can improve. A knowing that they must then be prepared to take consistent steps to grow and develop as the best version of themselves and an understanding that as a Profitable Enlightened Leader this process is ongoing. A desire to nurture and inspire others to do the same.
  • A readiness 'let go' of their old ways of thinking which have contributed to the current status quo, to step out of their comfort zone and be comfortable with uncertainty.
  • A commitment to be engaged in something which is greater than them and a wish to light the way for others on their journey to "conscious profitable leadership"
Such leaders understand that financial profits are the natural outcome of a holistic, conscious approach to leadership.

The Enlightened Profitable Leaders Podcast Series focusses on helping you develop and expand your capacity as an Enlightened Profitable Leader. Download the audio to listen to whilst you are on the go.

The Enlightened Profitable Leaders Podcast Series:
  • Awareness - Expansion Into Greater Consciousness
  • Understanding The Principles Of Profitable Enlightened Leadership
  • Time To take Sustained Strategic Action
  • The Power Of Your Relationship With Your Inner Wisdom
  • Journey Into Greater Consciousness
  • Are You A Leader Of Leaders?

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